Anti-Racism in the Bookstore: A Workshop
Sunday, February 11, 2024
1:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Location Name
Junior Ballroom A, Floor 3, Duke Energy Convention Center

The Anti-Racism in the Bookstore: Cultivating Inclusive Spaces & Practices Through Equity-Centered Practices and Leadership workshop will provide book sellers and bookstore managers and employees a comprehensive understanding of how to create and maintain inclusive spaces. Over the span of 2.75 hours, participants will delve into discussion on how racism plays out in bookstores and the bookselling industry at large, components of facilitating an equity-centered culture in bookselling and for employees, as well as the essence of restorative leadership. Through engaging dialogue, role-play, and interactive activities, attendees will gain insight into the authentic alignment of behaviors with core values and principles.  By focusing on both internal dynamics among staff and external interactions with customers, this workshop ensures that participants will leave with practical tools to make impactful changes in their businesses. Concluding with a segment on crafting effective anti-racist policies, attendees will be poised to lead their establishments with an informed and equity-centered approach.

AJ Williams, RISEwithUS, LLC - Kent, WA
KJ Williams, RISEwithUS, LLC - Kent, WA
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